Philosophy 2: Society and Values

Pierce College

Department of Philosophy & Sociology

Spring, 2020


Final Essay Prompt


Due Monday, June 8 by 11:59PM


Turn this assignment in via Canvas. 


This assignment amounts to 30% of your course grade (unless it gets dropped as the lowest one of the four essays you write). 


In five pages (that is, in no fewer than five pages, and no more than five and a half pages): 


1) explain Rawls' First Principle;


2) explain Rawls' Second Principle;


3) explain how Rawls' two principles could be used as an argument for or against a social practice that interests you;


4) argue for or against the application of Rawls' two principles as you spelled it out in 3), above; and


5) defend one part of your argument in 4) against a naysayer. 


If you submit someone else's ideas, words, or phrases, you must cite those individuals: plagiarism of any kind will not be accepted.  If you submit ideas, words, or phrases from a previous essay of your own, explicitly state as much.  Please do not just represent, word for word, old material.  Go to for excellent information on citing.


Use one-inch margins all around, double-spacing throughout, and Times New Roman font, size 12 only–and no title pages or page numbers please.