John Hayward's October 8th 2016 "Implicit Bias: The New 'Original Sin'" from Breitbart represents a naysayer. 






"In his vice-presidential debate, Governor Mike Pence took a swing at one of the LeftÕs most cherished beliefs: 'implicit bias.  The police officers who support Donald Trump, he said, 'hear the bad mouthing, the bad mouthing that comes from people that seize upon tragedy in the wake of police action shootings as a reason to use a broad brush to accuse law enforcement of implicit bias or institutional racism.' Hillary Clinton sees 'implicit bias' not just in the police force, but in 'everyone in the United States,' Pence declared."









"Liberals cannot brook criticism of their precious 'implicit bias' theory, which is a new rationalization for totalitarian power, for rule by the progressive Elect whose Ivy League training has equipped them to sniff out the witch of hidden racism."









"Part of the problem with this 'implicit bias' theory is that itÕs so unwilling to come to terms with the idea that everyone makes judgments. In fact, thatÕs the essence of being humanĐthe ability to understand data, share experiences, calculate probability and respond rationally to best protect themselves and their loved ones."









"Whether trying to avoid crime, to enjoy romance or to profit from gambling, to succeed in work or to avoid car-crashes, humans must make quick judgements based on limited information, and they do it by learning from books and experience. They canÕt approach each new problem as if they are a blank-sheet baby free off any bias or preferencesĐor else theyÕll be mugged, dumped, broke, unemployed and car-less in very short order."







"WeÕll doubtless be arguing about police bias and profiling for many years to come, but on this topic, the hard truth is that some portion of that 'implicit bias' is logical. The Left is driving our society insane by forcing it to ignore blatant realities of urban crime known by every rookie cop." 






Linked from that Hayward article is Steve Sailer's October 17th 2016 "Gladwellian Implicit Association Testing is Just Another Example of Psychology's Replication Crisis" from The Unz Review.  It includes a skeptical review of some of the cognitive research studies that claim to show implicit bias: "Over the last decade, the Establishment has celebrated the Implicit Association Test as a way to scientifically uncover those who are hiding Implicit Bias so they can be put through the re-education process. But does it really work?"  This article discusses and links to Carlsson and Agerstršm's April 24th 2016 "A Closer Look at the Discrimination Outcomes in the IAT Literature" from the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, and to Blanton, Jaccard, Strauts, and Tetlock's January 2015 "Toward a Meaningful Metric of Implicit Prejudice" from the Journal of Applied Psychology.